Absalom Brown

Photo courtesy Chuck Smith

Absalom Brown, our beloved ancestor, was born more than 200 years ago in the Indian lands of South Carolina. Unfortunately, we know very little about his origins and early life. What was it like for him and his family in the newly formed America? Where did his people come from? And most importantly, who were his parents? These questions continue to challenge family researchers drawn into the mystery of Absalom Brown.

We do know some things about our grandfather, however. We know that he was a country preacher in the Methodist church. We know that he served in the Creek Indian Wars of 1814. And we know that he was a land owner and road commissioner in what is now Warren County, Tennessee.

We gather each year in Beersheba Springs, Tennessee, to swap stories, eat good southern food, and enjoy the fellowship of distant cousins who have become great friends through the years. There is much to learn from each other, from the land, and from the stories of Absalom Brown and his descendants. We are happy to be the children of Absalom Brown.

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